Sunday, May 5, 2024

The West Needs Radical Political Change Towards Freedom

It should not have escaped the politically aware that the threats to freedom in Western societies are now unprecedented. This goes far beyond the interventionist pressures that over time have been slowly throttling most Western economies. The Western oligarchic elite is now dead set on implementing what one influential blogger described as “a society hermetically sealed against any form of rebellion, dissidence, or questioning of the ruling class-imposed power structure”.

This state of affairs is serious enough that it has been slowly dawning on parts of the “uninformed and disorganized majority”, to use Gaetano Mosca’s expression. It has happened in a large part thanks to the abundance of uncensored information and unbiased analysis on the internet that has accelerated the loss of credibility of mainstream news and the loss of trust in political leaders. Not surprisingly, exceptional measures are being taken by the Western ruling minority to rein in and muzzle free speech.